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  • ६ बैशाख २०८१, बिहीबार
  •      Thu Apr 18 2024

Poem:Father I percieved

-Mausam Bhusal

When the cicadas are humming
Glowworms are in deep sleep,
In this battle-field of mind
World zooms closer to me
in the muskets of words
In this desolated empty night
I felt it father,
Why you couldn’t sleep?

When you struggled to sleep
Your snores would remind me of
ever awaken Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I would perceive
the whole world as
Volcanic lava
dancing around your wrinkled forehead.

I believed
the trenches below your eyes
are carved by
Tsunami dating back to centuries.

I believed
You had been
a civilization in yourselves
an animated civilization

I understood
those cracks in my
mother’s body.

I still remember
those distint sweaty odours
from the money
the day you would get your salary.

What is that special secret
that changed your miserable night
to a delightful morning?

Swallowing many mighty pictures In this city
I feel you and your soily hands
poor ox to plough our fortune.

I realize
I need to be somewhere else
somewhere very special
beyond you and your existence.

When life defeats life
life pauses
and begins again.

(Translated from Nepali poem ‘बुझ्दैछु बुवा’ by Neeta Timsina)