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  •      Wed Jun 19 2024

Nepathya rocks full house in Sydney

23rd July, Sydney

Luna Park’s Big Top auditorium in Sydney was packed to its capacity on Saturday. The 3000 audience were gathered here to witness Nepathya and to experience the electrifying experience Nepathya had to offer.

“Sydney has been a dear place for Nepathya. This is our fourth show and each time, Nepalese residing here show a great deal of love and affection to us” shared Nepathya front man Amrit Gurung after the show. “The love shown to Nepathya for all these years makes me feel more and more indebted to our well-wishers.” He added.

With this Sydney show Nepathya rounds up their 3 city Australia Tour and now heads for their maiden tour of New Zealand. Nepathya had landed in Australia on the 5th of July and has since performed in Melbourne, Adelaide before the final show here in Sydney on 22nd July.

“Being part of a successful show is always a delight. This is the 3rd time we have been part ofNepathya’s tour in Australia and each time we see the intensity increasing” said Hari Ramjali of Myagdi Overseas, the organizers of the show.

“Nepathya has been beating their own record when it comes to attracting audience at indoor events in Sydney,” shared Mukti Roka of the organizing team. “In 2008 there were 1200 at the university auditorium, and in 2012 we had 2200 at the Sydney Town Hall. In 2015 there were 2600 at the Luna Park and this year we were sold out with 3000” he elaborated.

As usual, there were people from all ages and groups coming together to celebrate and sway to the tunes of Nepathya.

“I have been to Nepathya show in Sydney 3 times and Amrit dai never lets us down” Said Sushila Sherchan who had come to the show with her spouse.

Along with many Nepali students living in Australia, there were many families who attended the show. The songs and message of unity and patriotism Amrit shared during the show touched many hearts.

“Truly a mesmerizing experience.” Said Bijay Malla. “I seldom go to Nepali shows, and I must confess this is the first time I was listening to Nepathya live” he continued. “I am glad I came with my family and am extremely glad my sons liked the show. This show has connected them to their homeland.” He added.

The show featured all Nepathya classics along with the recently released new numbers. However new the songs, the Sydney crowd sang and danced along with the band.

“Nepathya no longer is limited to being a musical identity alone. With the passage of time, the band’s concert have become an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate Nepal.” Said Kiran Krishna Shrestha of nepa~laya, the promoters and live show producers of the band. “With the available resources, we try to put up a memorable experience. Yesterday’s environment inside the Big Top auditorium was simply electrifying.” He added.

Amrit was accompanied on stage by Dhruba Lama on drums, Suraj Thapa on Keyboards, Subin Shakya on bass, Niraj Gurung on guitars and Shanti Rayamajhi on percussion.

“We are glad our first INTERNATIONAL tour of our 25th year celebration has begun with success. We now look forward to meeting our well-wishers in New Zealand” said Amrit.

The band leaves for New Zealand to perform their first ever show in the Kiwi Island on 28th of July at the Sky City Theatre in Auckland.

Photo Credit: Sudhira Shah