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“The bad boy who fell for her “

|Mani bhusal |


Hey Fellow Reader,
Thanks for giving some time f itrom your busy life to read this book.
We often use the word ‘love’ but what does the word actually means is still unknown to 80% of humanity.
Love is not a boy holding a girls hand across the world,
Love is not an expression it is a feeling.

It’s when a young girl gives up her happiness for the sake of her lover, It’s love when a girl leaves her family behind so that she can be with the one she loves forever, It’s love when a boy stops his girlfriend from going by holding her hand says, “2 min ajhai rokana plzz.”Its love when your mother knows that something is wrong is with you without telling her. Its love when a girl’s brother calls her every hour to ask ‘did you reach home’. It’s love when your father works day and night so that you can enjoy your life.

To World You May be someone,
But always Remember for Someone YOU MAY BE HIS/HER WORLD.

While going through this book you will come across various characters but none of the actually exists but the entire places mentioned do.
The story will travel through life of mani, the naughty boy and Aastha the not so naughty girl.

The story is purely fiction so don’t compare it with my life

Chapter : 1
• Mani and Aastha

Who Am I? Hi. I am Mani Bhusal
And the one who was shouting at me, it was none other than my mother.
I am a student who is trying to persuade abroad for my further study .
My Dad is a businesman my mom is a housewife.
Me- Height 5’6, weight 52kg, love ice-creams, rajma chawal is my favourite dish, light-brown eyes, a bit complex-ed, curly black hair .
It’s just the starting there’s more coming your way!!
What? I said
“Go out for a run or a walk you idiot you have sleeping from past 8 hrs” said my mother.
Very Restlessly I got up washed my face, changed into my jersey and trousers.
Ready and set to GO!!
I took my phone and some cash to recharge balance.

– Phone Recharged
– Running Done
– Exercise completed

On the way back home from siddbaba to the base it took me an hour, took a quick shower and back on my PC.
– Opened Mozilla Firefox


As Soon As I logged in a message from

(9:25pm)Aastha: Hi.

(9:25pm)Me: Hi Who Are U?

(9:25pm)Aastha: Oh. I’m Aastha and going to move butwal soon so thought will gather some data before hand. How’s the place?

(9:26pm)Me: What Do u think I am – a travel agent?

(9:26pm)Aastha: lol, no u seem to have a lot of pictures of that place and I see u have been here for past 10 years.

(9:26pm)Me: Ok!!… the place is good, , Good facilities, Why are u shifting to butwal? and which class are you in? and where are u frm?

(9:28pm)Aastha: You ask a lot of question you know.
1. My dad works in government office , so you know transfer
2. I’m in class 12
3.i m from gulmi

Now my turn answer
1. Class
2. Name
3. Hobby
4. Single or Committed
5. Dad’s and mom’s occupation

(9:29pm)Me: Someone was saying I ask a lot of questions, hahahahahahhaha

1. Class- IIX
2. Name- Mani bhusal
3. Hobby-cricket, FB, Sleeping and flirting
4. Single or Committed- Single
5. Dad’s and mom’s occupation- Dad Buisness and Mom Housewife

(9:29pm)Aastha: hm…
(9:29pm)Me: Wats to hm…?
(9:29pm)Aastha: Ok!!Thanks for the info, i gtg work to do and see u soon.
(9:29pm)Me: How soon ??
(9:29pm)Aastha: looks someone is trying to flirt
(9:29pm)Me: thikai xa phone number tw deu aafano ?
(9:30pm)Aastha: I don’t give my no. to stranger’s lol later.
\\ stranger hmm.. \\
(9:30pm)Me: hahah ok!! cool later.
(9:30pm)Me: Bye
(9:31pm)Me: Do come back real soon. 
Aastha was active 23 seconds ago look


I kept thinking about our conversation how it started and how we shared that small piece of info
She didn’t show up for 3 days and when she comes back.
(9:45pm)Me: WB..Wassup?
(9:45pm)Aastha: Nm, Studying u?
(9:45pm)Me: Same here, but not studying ?
(9:46pm)Aastha: hahahahahhaha
(9:46pm)Me: When are u cmg to butwal?
(9:46m)Aastha: about in 4 months around April somewhere!
(9:47pm)Me: may I switch to short hand?
(9:47pm)Aastha: sure… 
(9:47pm)Me: English ,Nepal or Hindi
(9:47pm)Aastha: jo aacha lagti ho..
\\ Nice answer \\
(9:48pm)Me: Tell hows your life is going on
9:48pm)Aastha: aachi hai.. tumhari?
(9:48pm)Me: ramrai xa bas eutai problem hai abhi bhi single hu ?
(9:48pm)Aastha: hahahah mAh nii single xu huna tw
(9:49pm)Me: haha ajhai photo herda single vaye jasto xinau tw ??
\\ Aastha was something out of the box, she was different than other girls her skin was as white as milk her eyes had lightest shade of blue and her hair were curly and looked as if a man could dive so deep that he won’t be able to ever reach the surface again.. If anyone wants to see an angel, look at her \\
(9:49pm)Aastha: timi flirt garne soche Pani naii i don’t like it
\\ halka tariff matra k gareko yesto Sochi saki \\
(9:49pm)Me: hahahaha halka k aadat se mojaboor xu
(9:50pm)Aastha:okay but don’t say other you have taken permission to flirt with me
\\ imported sochi xe kya aafu lai\\
(9:50pm)Me: kyu? Kehi kharabi xa rw ma mAh ?
(9:50pm)Aastha: nahi.. i don’t like boys who flirt Ani timi tw bewakoof jasto lagaxau ?
\\ What does she think of me?- an idiot..kutaa chorr,.. hahahah, yedi bewakoof xu toh xu aafano timi kina waste garexau \\
(9:55pm)Me: bewakoof!! ?
(9:55pm)Aastha: i ws jst kdng……
\\ phele hind ahile English, ab mah kuna language mein reply karu? \\
(9:55pm)Me: laga tha hahah…..rofl (rofl=Roll on floor laughing)

(9:55pm)Aastha: okay bye I have a board exam . I have to read a lot
(9:56pm)Me: aren’t you reading on other day
(9:56pm)Aastha: I m but you know there is a lot of stuff
(9:56pm)Me: ok 
(9:57pm)Aastha: later
(9:57pm)Me: when will you be online ?
(9:57pm)Aastha: Sunday 10:00 a.m..bolane maan vaye online aaye
\\ Lau bolana vayera tw vaneko.. thezz girls \\
(9:58pm)Aastha: coming online on Sunday ?

(9:58pm)Me;timile bolane Ani mAh naaune teyo Pani huna sakxa Kya ??
(9:59pm)Aastha: feri suru vayeu. Thori k flirting garne jasto kura garethe
\\ Uff halka majak garethe yo keti haru Pani lastai xan \\
(9:58pm)Me: sorry my fault
(9:58pm)Aastha: apology accepted later, I have started enjoying chatting with u
(9:58pm)Me: later, might be
No reply
(10:01pm)Aastha: Phone Number 9847****
(10:01pm)Me:hahhaha pahila stranger Ani yeti xito number waah waah
(10:02pm)Aastha: timi stranger nahi dost hau. Call me maybe 
pahila ignore garithi Ani aafai number dixe wah ..
(10:02pm)Me: 
(10:02pm)Aastha: don’t smile so much
(10:03pm)Me: kina?
(10:03pm)Aastha: i’m dating someone if u think u can try on me
Did i look desperate for her or smthg which made her think i like her?
(10:03pm)Me: teso vaye tw single mAh matra raixu
(10:04pm)Aastha: Don’t worry you will also find someone sweet kura garadai gare

(10:04pm)Me: look who is flirting ?
(10:04pm)Aastha: aacha bachu mero line ma mathi ?
(10:04pm)Me: hahahah…
(10:04pm)Aastha: sorry i have to go.. don’t forget to call me and Sunday online yedi naaye hera na k garxu mAh timilai
\\ girls and their deals… i hate them for this \\
(10:05pm)Me: OK.. good night..and see u on Sunday..
(10:06pm)Aastha: see u..  gud n8 too
*Aastha Was active 13 seconds ago*
(10:07pm)Me: Ok.. i will there on Sunday at 9:45a.m..
To be continued ….


My Sincere thanks to Himalpost.com who supported me and helped me in the journey of writing of this novel.
I would like to thank specially Arjun khanal my mamashree who believed in me.

I would also like to thank many others llike Ankit , Roshan , Manish , Aayush , Suraj , Bibek, Binod , Bidur sarisma ,. srijana , asmita , Bhuwan ,srijan Rojan,Madhvi and many more . lastly special thanks to pratik Sharma who always helped me a lot during this work .