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  •      Tue Jun 18 2024

Stolen idols of Chandannath temple recovered

Jan 3, 2017- Police have recovered 14 idols and two conch shells that were stolen from the Chandannath temple in Khalanga, the district headquarters of Jumla, on November 26.

The idols were found scattered at Rokayawada, Depalgaun-3 in Jumla. Local Maya Giri had spotted the idols on the road at 5am on Tuesday. She had then asked her relative to inform the police about the idols.

Twenty-eight idols, including that of the main deity Dattatreya, were stolen from the Chandannath temple in Khalanga on November 26. Some of the stolen idols are believed to be as old as 1,400 years. Chandannath, a revered Hindu temple, is a major tourist attraction in the Karnali region. It is said that Chandannath Baba, an ascetic, had brought various idols and installed them at the temple in 1855.

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