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  • १४ जेष्ठ २०८१, सोमबार
  •      Mon May 27 2024

JHAANKRI SAAILA ( Micro story ) By – Rabindra Sameer

In the city, many people suffer from typhoid, diarrhoea and jaundice because of polluted water. However, illiterate, uneducated and those who are educated visit jhankri ( Faith Healer ) to get rid of evil spirits and stars. Witch doctor suggests that doctor diagnosis and medicines cannot cure them as the ghost has caught them. Then, he strikes them with a piece of hot iron & demanded chickens, he-goats, alcohol and money from them. The contagious diseases make his business running well.

one day he himself falls ill. He cannot cure himself and visits doctor. This is matter of wonder for his patients that Sainla, who bars them from going to doctor, visits physician himself.After recovery, he continues with his lucrative business.

When somebody asks about his visit to doctor, he has a cunning reply, ” Jhankri can treat all patients but when he himself becomes sick he must go to doctor as per the rule of Sashtra ( faith book ).