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  • १३ जेष्ठ २०८१, आईतवार
  •      Sun May 26 2024

Are we Good to be Great ?      

  –Ajit Bhatta


‘Put an alarm of 5’o clock in the morning and get to bed’. This is a part of our daily routine. And what happens ? Every morning the alarm bell rings and either we snooze it or stop it. We think it disturbed our sleep but never realize it was a morning greet and reconciliation of our day task .Instead of waking up at the mean time, we procrastinate ourselves for few more minutes to an hour. We lose our intuition and obligations for a while.  That’s a common part we humans do and realize we wasted some few minutes or even an hour sleeping but  we insist, ‘it’s alright’ . We have so many faults in our system but it’s hard to alleviate each and every vicious characters of our humankind .We either can’t think of all positivity in human beings , because that’s the common principle of human beings i.e.  making mistakes and realizing it.  And no human can succeed without making mistakes.

So, mistake was never crime nor is or will be. However, unfortunately we are guided my some wrong principles .But its mandatory to keep in mind that anything that guides us to the following place won’t get us to the leading place because till date we are living a life full of support and guidance and the time comes when we need to discover our callings and construct the way to our destiny by ourselves. The main point, herein, to be discussed is that , are we good to be great ? We are all dependent on technologies and virtual intelligence . We know we have got extreme support and facilitation from these revolutions but  we continuously question their significance. Our system never cares for these things. Time moves on , technology advances and human beings are still on same guidelines and path , i.e. taking advantage and making ill action .The reference is only for showing the common mistakes  human beings commit, but it’s not how we desire. We have all that it takes, a classy technology , supportive families and a beautiful mind . But we are draining such beautiful mind every time an opportunity comes. We must realize that our goals and vision are limited within this earth and time is also limited within the same earth , There’s no any difference between time and the actions we do .

The lacking is that , we perceive time as opportunity for the future or as future reference . We never realize that what we can do in the future is available right at the moment . One thing that most of all should think of is ”  We don’t need to have a university degree to be a person of our dream  , the only way we need to discover ourselves is the potential that’s hiding beneath us until the time we are procrastinating ourselves ” . We hardly have small portion to the life goals and career and the dreams we were meant to fulfill. We must realize , the actions are to be done right now to achieve the greatest goal we desire and that’s the only way we can say we are good enough to be the greatest person of our dream.


BSW Third year

The Times International College