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  •      Thu Jun 13 2024

Fiction and protagonist in Leadership

Ajit Bhatta

     Wondering about the concept of leadership , I used to be in dilemma about people’s perception about leadership . Some actually said, ‘ leadership is all about contest and title’ , while others said ‘leadership is a role like in an organization where every human power is focused towards one desired and organized goal’ . However I used to be keen towards further knowledge of leadership and wisdom . Rather than people’s perception , some fictional and comic characters could better guide me on that matter .

Sometimes , I used to feel superman inside me . But I was in regret that none of those characters are akin to me. Neither I could fly nor  could hit that power punch over a galaxy. But I believed that even these fictional things have strong inspiration in human mind whenever I used to be in stress and depression . Going through distinct novels and articles, I could feel the real taste of life. But most of the philosophies contained the same origin and same perception that created a boredom in me. May be owing to this I never went through those setbacks ever in my past life nor do I do it at the present condition . However , I could receive some tiny messages and lessons as rewards in my life.

Today , when I am heading with purpose, readiness and commitment towards my target, I can feel the real sense of protagonism inside me . It’s so because in the past I thought that  life is all about house , family , fellows and so on . But , now I feel like life is more than what it was , what it is and what it will be .  I couldn’t understand what the theme of superman was because at that time I was not yet a man but a child who was dreaming to be a man .I used to imagine that superman was the real protagonist that influenced my mind  ,  in reality I would to be like a super hero and  have courage to overcome the problems with supernatural power  and possess the effort and power to touch the moon . However , now I believe we all have that superman inside us. We have been observing from the very past about many  extraordinary personalities  like- Albert Einstein , Neil Armstrong , Che Guevara, Bruce Lee and so on who believed in their dream  and their super will to achieve their dream . Had they given up , they wouldn’t have earned a fame they earned.  Just like these  greatest people of all time , we all are derived from same origin , same concepts and same mechanism .

Every human being desires success no matter how he/she is today , but our dream is not for sale . We dream and disclose it to others . But it becomes meaningless, if we can’t attain what we dream. So , if we Know we are more than what we are , there’s no doubt we can turn our inner being into super human being . And today , we should be convinced to walk through many adversities and setbacks and to face them in future. Strong will power, belief in the self and meticulous preparedness leads to success . It adds meaning to our life. Because there’s nothing more meaningful and satisfying than  being the greatest hero of your life .

Ajit Bhatta

BSW Third Year

The Times International College