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  •      Tue Apr 23 2024

7 Health Benefits Of Having A Beard

1. Prevents Skin Cancer

Health Benefits Of Beard - Prevents Skin Cancer

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Recent researches have shown that 95 per cent of UV rays from the sun are blocked by beards. Besides keeping the sun out of your face, this is also important as exposure to UV rays can cause cancer. The thicker the hair, the better!

2. Reduction Of Asthma And Allergy Symptoms

Health Benefits Of Beard - Reduction Of Asthma And Allergy Symptoms

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If you suffer from pollen or dust allergy or even asthma, facial hair actually help by working as a filter and prevent the allergens from settling. This is not much different from nasal hair.

3. Stay Young, forever!

Health Benefits Of Beard - Stay Young, forever!

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Here’s your secret to naturally lessen signs of aging. With lesser sun exposure, you can actually continue to look younger – unlike the guys who do not go for beards. Paradox of sorts – beards make you look older, but actually keep you looking younger!

4. Stave Off Illness

Health Benefits Of Beard - Stave Off Illness

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So it might be summer now, but when it gets biting cold during fall or winter – the beard will keep you warm and can actually help you battle colds as well. The longer the beard, the better insulation you get!

5. Reduce Infections

Health Benefits Of Beard - Reduce Infections

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You never have to worry about bacterial infections, ingrowths and folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles, causing spots) with a beard. These infections are occupational hazards of regular shaving. Be done with that, and be done with such problems as well!

6. Blemish-Free Skin

Health Benefits Of Beard - Blemish-Free Skin

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When you do not have ingrowths, razor cuts and other such skin problems, you have a blemish-free skin. Keep the beard and the great skin, and forget about little nicks and cuts on your face.

7. Natural Moisture

Health Benefits Of Beard - Natural Moisture

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The last thing about keeping beards is that you do not have to worry about dry skin. The hair keeps wind and cold air out, helping your skin battle dryness. Also the sebaceous glands help keep your skin moisturized better when you have a beard, because there is no way you are getting the moisture out of the beard.

Whether you prefer a French beard like Johnny Depp or go all the way like Zach Galifianakis – beards are so much manlier than a hairless chin. And with these health benefits too!